Dr. Lee is the true guiding north star I’ve needed in my health journey - She utilizes the most optimal tools available (NET, detox, nutrition, acupuncture and chakra healing, just to mention a few) to supply thoughtful integration of the mind, body, and spirit in sure path to recovery and genuine healing. What a blessing it has been for me to be nurtured by such intuitive healer and teacher. I recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who aspires to be whole and grow into complete beings we were meant to be.
— Penny Kanter
I am so thankful for Dr. Lee! She has helped me to make so many improvements to my life and health. Over the last six months I have been able to reduce or eliminate prescription medications, have almost completely eliminated pain medications, and have lost 50 pounds. I am becoming so much better at improving my emotional health, which in turn has helped my personal relationships. I am making better decisions about the foods I eat and I am even sleeping better! Dr. Lee is supportive, encouraging and healing, and has helped me to improve my life so much.
— Rachel Krause
In a polarized medical society exhibited in this country, it is refreshing to have a “healer” like Dr. YoungJu Lee who has an intelligent balance between the extremes. Her expertise in current Natural Medicine is enhanced by the understanding of the true “Holistic” approach that increases the probability of healing by anyone who allows such multimodal approach to occur. Dr. Lee’s approach is not new because historically, for centuries, many societies have embraced these novel and effective treatments to allow the body to heal itself. It is refreshing to see this dynamic and effective approach revitalized through Dr. YoungJu Lee.
— Dr. Bob Waters
Dr. Lee is a doctor fully committed to her patients’ total well being. She knows how to quickly assess the root of problems and prescribes and treats appropriately, taking into consideration the whole patient as a unique individual. I am someone who fights change, and her patience and understanding is exceptional! She is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to move past one-size-fits-all generalized medical care and transform into the happy, healthy person we were all meant to be. With Dr. Lee, it truly is her love for others that puts her a cut above many others in the healthcare profession.
— Linda Machado, Ms. Rhode Island Sr. 2014
I have been working with Dr. Lee since last year on balancing my hormones. She took a thorough intake to get to the root of my issues and always listens to my concerns during each visit. I feel so blessed to have her taking care of my health. I am grateful for her knowledge and for helping me live as the best version of myself.
— Sandy O’Neal
Dr YJ Lee has been truly amazing helping me with my back/shoulder/neck pain. I began cupping therapy about a year ago and instantly noticed pain relief. Not only did she help with my aches, but she also took the time to check my blood pressure, temperature, and also just ask about my personal life to make sure I was in a good place. I turned my one-time visit into a monthly recurrence. She really went above and beyond to help me treating me as a patient she cares about, opposed to just a number. I would recommended her to anyone with similar symptoms. She really is the best.
— Mustafa Tahoun
Dr. Lee has an impressive facility discovering meaningful connections between her patients physical, emotional, spiritual, and even environmental well-being. She is a caring, patient guide. If happiness as well as health is your goal, Dr. Lee will employ the most appropriate and effective treatments and your active participation to arrive there.
— Patrick Brouillette
Dr. Lee helped me through an extremely difficult time with some very debilitating symptoms. She spent far more time with me than any other physician and she sought to find the root of the problem. By listening to the body, she uncovered some hidden triggers and surprising truths. I cannot recommend Dr. Lee highly enough.
— Denise Henry
Dr. YoungJu Lee is an amazing practitioner of many healing practices. I have had the pleasure of receiving Reiki, BodyTalk, Acupuncture, Cupping. I had fatigue from my strenuous regiment of training for triathlons. After my last session my physical fatigue was greatly diminished. I also felt more clear on my intentions and direction of personal and professional aspirations after my BodyTalk and reiki session. Dr. Lee is an amazing healer. She listens and is compassionate about your current situations and quickly identified my mental and emotional blockages and helped me to work through them in just a few sessions. Dr. Lee is truly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking holistic healing for physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.
— Benjamin Bromberg
I had the most amazing experience with Dr. YoungJu Lee yesterday. She is kind, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and a truly gifted healer. She unblocked issues that I didn’t even realize were affecting me. I felt like a truck was lifted from my shoulders. It was a life changing experience. This is honestly the best gift I have ever given myself. 
— Crystal Perez
My acupuncture sessions with Dr. YoungJu Lee were helpful, supportive and healing. I came to her with several problems all of which she was able to resolve. She is very compassionate, kind, caring and knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a natural process to healing, I highly recommend acupuncture and the expertise of Dr Lee.
— Diane Bradshaw
Love her. Just being in her presence is healing and calming in itself. She is truly a gifted healer and has the learned protocol of Naturopathic Physician to combine with her intuition that helps facilitate healing in your body. I felt so much better after one session. Lighter and my neck pain was gone and I was smiling, an inner smile.
— Lena Dieter
I am so grateful for my 2 sessions so far with Dr. YoungJu Lee.  Her combination of acupuncture and BodyTalk are very powerful and life changing.  Physically and spiritually I feel lighter and more connected after each session.  She is a blessing to have in this world, and I am grateful that I have found her!
— Debi McDermott
Wow, absolutely amazing experience with Dr. Lee. Tonight was my first ever acupuncture during the acupuncture happy hour and I cant wait to go back. The experience was so much more than a brief acupuncture treatment. Dr. Lee is very intuitive and knew exactly how to help me with her healing gifts and energy work. It was so much more than I had anticipated. Highly recommended in every way! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Colleen Brown
I LOVE acupuncture happy hour. It’s easy to fit into my schedule and I always leave feeling refreshed and revitalized!
— Judy Coors
I have very much enjoyed my time at AHH. Dr. Lee has such a wonderful spirit about her. I always gain new insight and inspiration.
— Anita M.