Love her. Just being in her presence is healing and calming in itself. She is truly a gifted healer and has the learned protocol of Naturopathic Physician to combine with her intuition that helps facilitate healing in your body. I felt so much better after one session. Lighter and my neck pain was gone and I was smiling, an inner smile.
— Lena Dieter
Dr. Lee has an impressive facility discovering meaningful connections between her patients physical, emotional, spiritual, and even environmental well-being. She is a caring, patient guide. If happiness as well as health is your goal, Dr. Lee will employ the most appropriate and effective treatments and your active participation to arrive there.
— Patrick Brouillette
In a polarized medical society exhibited in this country, it is refreshing to have a “healer” like Dr. YoungJu Lee who has an intelligent balance between the extremes. Her expertise in current Natural Medicine is enhanced by the understanding of the true “Holistic” approach that increases the probability of healing by anyone who allows such multimodal approach to occur. Dr. Lee’s approach is not new because historically, for centuries, many societies have embraced these novel and effective treatments to allow the body to heal itself. It is refreshing to see this dynamic and effective approach revitalized through Dr. YoungJu Lee.
— Dr. Bob Waters
Dr. YoungJu Lee is an amazing practitioner of many healing practices. I have had the pleasure of receiving Reiki, BodyTalk, Acupuncture, Cupping. I had fatigue from my strenuous regiment of training for triathlons. After my last session my physical fatigue was greatly diminished. I also felt more clear on my intentions and direction of personal and professional aspirations after my BodyTalk and reiki session. Dr. Lee is an amazing healer. She listens and is compassionate about your current situations and quickly identified my mental and emotional blockages and helped me to work through them in just a few sessions. Dr. Lee is truly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking holistic healing for physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.
— Ben Bromberg
I LOVE visiting her Happy Hour Friday sessions, or also known as, Acupuncture HH. It’s a fun, peaceful and community like atmosphere. The charge is $15 for 15 minutes, but because she is so giving, it’s actually a lot longer with optional reiki (no extra charge). If you bring a friend, only $20 for the two of you! If you go regularly, you’ll start to recognize some familiar faces and get to chatting.

She is so caring, compassionate and sets you at ease. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND visiting her. She also can see you privately, and really benefit with a tailor made treatment just for you. 10/10! :)
— Angie Berardini
I have very much enjoyed my time at AHH. Dr. Lee has such a wonderful spirit about her. I always gain new insight and inspiration.
— Anita M.
I LOVE acupuncture happy hour. It’s easy to fit into my schedule and I always leave feeling refreshed and revitalized!
— Judy Coors
Awesome experience!!! Easy to work with, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and professional.
— Chris Kovacs